In windows, hold alt-tab, then tap tab until the program that you want is selected. Very painless affair.

Since I got a Mac at my workplace. I was shown a new way, an annoying way, of window management.

Mac Windows Management 101

When you minimize a window with the yellow button at the top left, you hide your app. Simple enough.

Now when you want to open that window again, you might think holding cmd-tab, and tapping tab would get you the app on your screen.


Now you have to drag you hand to the mouse and move it to the dock, and click the app icon....

To get the app window reopen with the tab switcher, you need to follow these steps.

  • Hold Cmd
  • Tap Tab till you get to your desired app
  • Hold Alt
  • Release Cmd
  • Release Alt

You might be getting this feeling that I don't like this very much, by the fact that I made a post about it.

You will be damn right.

When I got my split keyboard working, I got writing some C code to simplify this ordeal. If you are suffering from this pain and need a fix, look no further.

This does need a Keyboard running QMK tho.

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