Project Ideas

This is a list of things I wish I had when I needed them.

I am putting this out to the public so that even if I don't get around to implementing it, someone may be inspired to. If you think this is worth the time invested and go ahead to build it, comment down below. I will link your work on this page so that it helps the next person who needs it.

A Firefox Extension that helps to share localized time

Considering that a significant portion of my friends live overseas, it becomes crucial that time zones are taken into consideration when sharing the time for an event. It takes me a couple of minutes to figure out the local time in their region and relate that to when I am free.

A FF extension that can simplify this process would be fantastic. Something that I have found recently which does part of the job is Localise Times. This one translates times on the page with a time zone marker into my Local time.

Thunderbird Extension that maps Order Id to words

When Amazon chooses to send an order update, it always gives out Order Id in the mail without actually mentioning the specific Item. This makes it hard to know when a given item will arrive if you have ordered more than one. This is a big problem when you are looking back at old orders. You have no idea which order Id has what items in it and when it was bought.

If there was an extension that could store the following details and inject into thunderbird client on viewing the message, it would be amazing

  1. Item
  2. Quantity
  3. Price at Purchase

Not sure if this is possible to do without amazon APIs, but sure worth investigating.

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