Want any window to work like Guake? Appearing and disappearing with a hotkey? Use this script


  1. Linux, Mac has a nifty tool for this, which inspired this script
  2. X11 (X Window System), wmctrl doesn't work with Wayland
  3. awk for text processing
  4. wmctrl for manipulating windows

You should be able to get awk and wmctrl in your package manager of choice.

You can clone the gist by this command

git clone https://gist.github.com/1b02b9ad6a778caab260ddd3cfd1759e.git 

After you place the script into a folder that is in $PATH, you need to make it executable with

chmod a+x show_app.sh

After this, you can use your desktop environment to bind a shortcut to this script with the needed parameters.

In case of Alacritty, a really fast terminal that I use, it boils down to

/home/edwin/bin/switch_to.sh Alacritty alacritty

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